GAF vs. CertainTeed Roofing Shingles: Cost, ROI – Definitive Guide for Homeowners

GAF and CertainTeed combine for a huge piece of the roofing shingle market. This comparison hits all the important factors in deciding – Quality, cost, styles, pros and cons of each option, warranties and more. Our guide also addresses the return on investment and explains when either GAF or CertainTeed shingles are a better choice for a homeowner.

Let’s put the comparison into perspective right from the start:

CertainTeed, by every measure, is the premier manufacturer of exterior building materials and a winner of the Professional Remodelers Best in Class award.

CertainTeed Landmark series Shingles Roof in Weathered Wood

While most of its lines are upmarket, CertainTeed has begun making less expensive lines like the Landmark Series to compete with the value-priced asphalt shingle brands.

GAF, the largest manufacturer of residential roofing materials, makes mostly good-quality shingles with a few premium lines like Camelot II Shingles that are exceptional.

GAF Premium Asphalt Shingles: Camelot Williamsburg Slate

CertainTeed did not appear worried about the cost a decade ago, and it still dominates the “best” category of roofing shingles, though competition is certainly increasing.

Most GAF shingles are cost-conscious products that compete with Owens-Corning, IKO, Tamko, Atlas, Malarkey and similar brands for “basic and better” ranges — niches it ranks first in.

  • CertainTeed: Mainly high-end, high-cost products with some affordable lines.
  • GAF: Mainly affordable shingle lines with some high-end products.

Here are some important qualitative and quantitative details to consider within the larger scope of CertainTeed vs. GAF shingles debate:

Quality and Reliability

While many want to know about style first, savvy homeowners focus on quality. You can find products from any brand that will look good on your home when first installed; what the shingles are made of determines whether they will look good 15-25 years from now.

Quality in roofing shingles is determined by how much material is used and how the shingle is constructed.

CertainTeed: All the shingles are fiberglass-reinforced asphalt (SBS modified bitumen) shingles constructed in fused, laminated layers. Most provide 4 or 5 layers of coverage over the entire shingle field. Many CertainTeed products weigh more than 250lbs per square (100 square feet), and the very top lines like Arcadia Shake (450lbs), Grand Manor (425lbs) and Carriage House (355lbs) are extremely robust.

While weight is not everything, anyone who says it does not matter is trying to sell you something. More material, as well-constructed as CertainTeed shingles are, leads to better resistance to the wind, hail impact, cupping, and cracking.

If there is one downside to this, it is that very heavy roofing materials MUST be properly installed on steep roof decks to prevent sections of shingles from pulling loose.

GAF: These are also fiberglass-reinforced asphalt shingles made in fused layers. Properly overlapped installation guarantees 3 or 4 layers of coverage.

The heaviest GAF shingles are the Grand Canyon shake line at 450lbs per square, but most lines, including the best-selling residential shingle Timberline lines, weigh less than 240lbs per square. — This is one of the reasons GAF warranties are not as long or comprehensive as CertainTeed’s (see the details below).

On Par: Both GAF’s and CertainTeed’s best shingles have 110MPH wind ratings and warranties that can be boosted to 130MPH with enhanced installation practices including extra nails, matching starter shingles and caps. They are Class A fire-rated and have similar ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) certifications.

Advantage — CertainTeed: We are arguing very good vs. the best here, not junk vs. quality. GAF became the best-selling shingle brand because it makes good products. CertainTeed owns the premium shingle category because it makes outstanding products with strong focus on the premium segment of the market.

CertainTeed vs. GAF: Cost

The average cost of CertainTeed shingles is higher than the cost of GAF products, though the price differential is not as large as it used to be 10 years ago. — CertainTeed wants a bigger cut of the market, so it has reined in prices on its middle-of-the-road products.

GAF shingles are sold wherever roofing materials are available for sale including places like Lowe’s and Home Depot. CertainTeed prefers to sell their products through wholesalers like Beacon Supply, Harvey’s Industries, and ABC Supply that resell CertainTeed roofing and siding products to professional roofing contractors. You will find a few wholesalers like Reese in Indiana that also sell to the public.

Here are the current sample prices to compare. All prices are per square, or 100 square feet:

Basic 3-Tab Shingles:

  • GAF Royal Sovereign: $62-$78
  • CertainTeed XT25: $70-$85

Good/Better Architectural (dimensional) shingles:

  • GAF Timberline HD/HDZ: $85-$100
  • CertainTeed Landmark: $85-$100
  • CertainTeed Landmark PRO: $120-$130

Best architectural (dimensional) shingles:

  • GAF Timberline Ultra HD/HDZ: $140-$150
  • CertainTeed Landmark Premium: $150-$160
  • CertainTeed Independence shingles: $165-$180

Premium Designer shingles:

  • GAF Woodland shingles: $170–$194
  • CertainTeed Highland Slate shingles: $170-$200
  • CertainTeed Grand Manor shingles: $250-$280

Advantage — GAF: Cost-conscious consumers will choose GAF most of the time when provided with written estimates on comparable GAF and CertainTeed products.

New Shingle Roof

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New Metal Roof

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New Flat Roof

Average price

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Shingle Style Selection

Both brands make a large selection of shingles, so finding several good-looking options to fit your home’s architecture, style and setting will not be hard.

GAF Shingle Styles

As the largest manufacturer of residential shingles, GAF has the best selection. While we hesitate to list its offerings because they are subject to change, here is the current lineup:

GAF Timberline Architectural Shingles: The best-selling shingle line in North America comes in these sub-categories, each produced in 8+ colors:

Timberline American Harvest GAF Shingles Roof
  • Ultra HD/HDZ with an extra dimensional wood shake look (Best)
  • Standard HD/HDZ (Midrange, Better)
  • HD/HDZ Reflector Series (Meets CA Title 24 Cool Roof LA County requirements)
  • American Harvest (Vibrant colors, Better)
  • Natural Shadow (Basic)
  • Cool Series (Energy Star certified, Cool specialty shingles)
  • ArmorShield II (Hail damage impact-resistant, IR specialty shingles)

GAF Lifetime Designer Shingles: This is where GAF is taking a bite out of CertainTeed’s large piece of the high-end shingle market with quality products with lifetime limited warranties:

  • Grand Canyon key-cut wood-shake style shingles with a rustic look
  • Camelot slate-look shingles in elegant designs
  • Glenwood triple-layer wood-shake look shingles

GAF Value Designer Shingles: These affordable dimensional shingles are a good choice for 20-30 years in most climates:

  • Camelot II – like Camelot, but lighter and cheaper
  • Sienna old-fashioned style shingles
  • Slateline slate-shaped but thin with little dimensional contrast
  • Grand Sequoia key-cut shingles
  • Woodland shingles with hand-cut European looks

GAF Three-tab Shingles: According to GAF, these offer basic protection for projects on a limited budget:

  • 30-year Marquis WeatherMax shingles with classic design (not available everywhere)
  • 25-year Royal Sovereign shingles

CertainTeed Shingle Styles

As you browse CertainTeed shingle styles, it is obvious that upmarket designs are still the top priority for this brand.

Grand Manor: Thick, randomly cut slate-style, high-contrast shingles in 10 colors and 425lbs/square.

  • Carriage House: Three-sided, classically designed slate-like edges with contrasting upper and lower layers in 8 colors and 355lbs/square.
  • Belmont (6 colors) and Belmont IR Impact Resistant (4 colors): Layered, slate-like construction with best-in-class Class 4 hail impact resistance in IR lines.
  • Arcadia Shake: Rustic split wood shake-look in 6 colors of four-layer shingles.
  • Presidential Shake (10 colors), TL (8 colors), IR (4 colors), Solaris (2 colors), TL Solaris (2 colors) and Solaris Gold (1 color): Key-cut wood shake-look shingles in many options — triple-layer (TL) construction, Solaris and Solaris Gold steep-slope reflective shingles that meet Title 24 and Cool Roofing Rating Council requirements and IR impact-resistant options.
  • Independence: Premium architectural shingles in 9 colors.
  • Northgate: Premium shake-style shingles with top-rated Class 4 impact resistance and flexibility for cold-weather installation, in 10 colors.
  • Landmark: Shake-like shingles in a range of options including Standard (12 colors), Premium (11 colors), Pro (12 colors), Pro Solaris (4 colors), Impact-Resistant IR (9 colors), Solaris Platinum (3 colors) and Solaris Gold (2 colors).
  • Highland Slate: Wide-cut, slate-look shingles in 8 colors.
  • Patriot: A strip shingle rather than a dimensional shingle, but with an architectural and distinct look in 6 colors.
  • XT 30 IR (10 colors), XT 25 (12 colors), XT 25 Metric (9 colors) and CT 20 (9 colors): All 3-tab shingles with a range of warranty coverage.
  • Advantage — Tie: GAF offers more options in Basic and Better ranges; CertainTeed still has the most to offer in the Best category or roofing shingles.

    CertainTeed vs. GAF: Warranty

    Manufacturer warranties tell you what the brand thinks of its products.

    GAF and CertainTeed both have a range of warranties covering their various products. Shingle warranties are notorious for having loopholes that let the manufacturer off the hook for issues like faulty installation (and they are very picky), poorly ventilated roof decks and attics, shingles installed in cold weather that don’t properly seal, airborne chemicals and more.

    GAF’s warranties are more stringent than CertainTeed’s, so there are more reasons for the manufacturer to deny you warranty benefits.

    Because warranty claims are often denied by all roofing manufacturers, you must do your due diligence in hiring an experienced installer to make sure installation follows manufacturer guidelines.

    If you would like, use our Need a Roofer/Free Quotes form to get estimates for your job from several of the top installers in your area. They are pre-screened, licensed and insured, and they know they are competing for the work.

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    Also, always get a warranty for the installation from the roofer; don’t rely on the manufacturer to cover any installation-related issues.

    Have the roofer check your roof deck and the attic space ventilation. Ask, “Are there any defects that would void a shingle warranty?” If there are, and you want the best warranty protection, fix the issues before re-roofing your house.

    GAF Warranty Options

    Currently, GAF offers three warranty options. See individual products for which warranty applies or is optional as an upgrade.


    1. Material defects are covered for 3 years on 25-year 3-tab shingles and for 5 years on 30-year 3-tab shingles
    2. GAF’s warranty is not prorated for the first 10 years. The amount of coverage drops yearly until year 40, when it is just 20% for the remainder of the warranty.
    3. To receive the full benefit of a GAF lifetime limited warranty, you must install two other “qualifying GAF accessories” such as GAF Cobra attic ventilation, GAF Deck Armor roof deck underlayment, GAF starter strip shingles and GAF ridge cap shingles. In other words, if you are adding a second layer of shingles to an existing roof, the warranty does not apply.
    4. GAF StainGuard warranty covers shingles against staining for 10 years in temperate zones and 5 years in tropical zones.

    CertainTeed Warranty Options

    This brand also offers 3 warranty options as detailed in this table:

    Base System Warranty Better System Warranty Best System Warranty
    Name Base System Plus Golden Pledge
    Material Defects 10 years 50 years 50 years
    Material Defects 3-tab 3 or 5 years 20 years 20 years
    Labor Covered 10 years Lifetime Lifetime
    Labor Covered 3-tab 3 or 5 years 25 or 30 years 25 or 30 years
    Workmanship None 2 years 25 years
    Workmanship 3-tab None 2 years 20 years
    Installer certification? No Yes Yes
    Tear-off cost included? No Yes – material defects only Yes-materials and workmanship
    110MPH Wind Coverage 15 years 15 years 15 years
    130MPH Wind Upgrade Yes Yes Yes
    Wind Upgrade 3-tab No No No
    Warranty Transferable Yes Yes Yes


    • CertainTeed does not distinguish between 3-tab and architectural/dimensional shingles. It is the warranty you possess that matters.
    • CertainTeed StreakFighter warranty covers shingles for 10 or 15 years, depending on the product and where it is installed.

    Return on Investment: The Cost-to-Value Return on Roof Replacements

    Replacing shingles brings an average cost-to-value return at resale of 66%. That means if you spend $10,000 on your roof, you will be able to raise and get an asking price by about $6,600 higher than before replacing the shingles. That is what the national data says.

    However, your percentage of the total cost recouped when selling your home could be lower or higher depending on how appropriate the roofing system you choose is for your particular situation.

    What ROI does not take into account, is the enjoyment value homeowners derive from the improved curb appeal and the piece of mind from knowing that a quality roof is protecting their home.

    Did you know? A new roof can help you sell your home, because home buyers cannot afford to, or don’t want the hassle of replacing the roof on a home they just purchased.

    There’s a general principle that moderate upgrades bring a better cost-to-value return than high-end upgrades. It applies to kitchen and bathroom remodeling, and it applies to roofing.

    There’s no data on ROI for specific brands of roofing. However, a good-quality GAF Timberline HDZ shingles roof priced at $350 to $450 per square installed, for example, will likely bring a far greater ROI than CertainTeed Grand Manor shingles at $600 to $700 per square installed. When $10,000 becomes $20,000, that will be hard to recoup at the time of sale of your home.

    More info on re-roofing costs here:

    When CertainTeed is a Better Choice

    The bottom line on CertainTeed is that you pay more for comparable products to GAF’s, but get better quality. In addition, CertainTeed offers high-end shingles that are superior to anything GAF currently makes. Buy CertainTeed when:

    • Using the best products available is important to you
    • You’re choosing a high-end shingle because that is where CertainTeed has the most expertise
    • You have no plans to move
    • You want a warranty with fewer loopholes in the fine print
    • Can find an experienced roofing company with a good reputation that is certified to install CertainTeed products

    When GAF is a Better Choice

    There are many GAF products that are worth considering, though it’s 20-year and 25-year shingles should only be chosen for short-term fix-ups. Buy GAF when:

    • You want a more affordable roof that still offers good quality and durability
    • You’re installing a good-quality rather than high-end shingle, because it is in the middle tier of products that GAF has the best track record
    • Moving in the next 10-15 years is an option, and you don’t want to pay more for a roof you won’t enjoy the lifetime benefit of
    • You can find a well-respected roofer in your area that is certified to install GAF products

    Never overlook the importance of proper installation. Reading the fine print on any roofing shingle warranty shows that proper installation makes or breaks a warranty. In 4 out of 5 warranty claim denials, faulty installation of the roof deck materials like underlayment, ice and water barrier, vents, or roofing materials is the cause.

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    1. I would like to say that GAF DID NOT honor their lifetime warranty because the certified installer, YES Contracting, DID NOT save the damaged, leaking shingles or inform me that I needed to return them to the company. Let’s not EVEN talk about the fact that the Stain guard warranty has a LIMIT to the number of years of protection. Goodbye $1,500.

      • Hi Robin,

        Sorry to hear that. You should not replace the damaged roof until the GAF reps have inspected the roof and approved the claim. If the old roof is still in place, you should be able to use the old shingles from the roof as evidence of defective GAF shingles and whatnot.

        We would recommend that you carefully examine any contracts you have signed with the contractor who initially installed the GAF roof to see what specific items the contractor was directly responsible for, and what was the responsibility of GAF. You should have all of this in writing. Feel free to engage legal help if you believe the original contractor has not delivered on the promises outlined in the contract you both signed.

        As far as the stain guard protection from GAF, yes every manufacturer will limit the number of years for their stain guard protection, often in a pro-rated manner.


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