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Skylight Installation Costs, Options, DIY Installation Tips, Pros & Cons

A skylight can be a much-welcomed addition to your home. It is a great source of natural light and a beautiful way to watch the stars at night. Similar to a 3-seasons room, a skylight can provide extra warmth during the day. It can also act as a natural alarm clock in a bedroom every morning. Some skylights even open to provide an excellent source of ventilation into a room.

bedroom-skylight via Velux USA

Costs in a Nut Shell:

The base prices for most skylights range from $250 for a fixed unit up to $400+ for a venting model with additional costs added for any extra features. — But these are just the material cost. The expense of professional installation is what will cost you an extra $1,000 to $2,500 per skylight or more depending on the complexity of your roof and the ease of access.

When hiring a pro for the job, it’s important to get multiple bids from specialist installers. Your main concern when evaluating the bids should be the perception of quality and evidence of contractor’s expertise in installing skylights. Needless to say, the total cost of the job should be a secondary consideration weighed against the perceived quality of installation.

Selecting the right company for the job is critical given the high cost associated with a potential premature failure of a poorly installed skylight.

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