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Roofing Materials Guide for Savvy Homeowners – Best Roof Types & their Pros & Cons in 2017

A roof is a part of your home’s a building envelope designed to provide protection from rain, snow, hail and other nature’s elements. Roofs around the world vary in type, steepness, and the kind of materials used to withstand and shed any rainwater or snow away from the house or building structure.


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There are two ways in which a roof can be constructed; one piece impermeable shell such as PVC or TPO membrane, glass or metal dome, or it can be constructed from many different water shedding and water-resistant pieces such as composition shingles, ceramic tiles, cedar shakes, metal panels, natural slate, thatch, and quite recently from rubber composite and synthetic or plastic shingles.

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In places with little rainfall, roofs tend to have a minimum roof pitch and are predominantly flat. In contrast, places with a lot of rainfall and snowfall, roofs tend to have a steeper pitch, which helps divert the rain water and shed the snow away from the roof.

Throughout the world, roofs are built from both, natural and man-made materials. Natural building materials such as wood and vegetation are used to build up roofs. In Asia, many roofs are constructed from bamboo. In Africa, roofs can be a covered with banana leaves and other types of vegetation. In the Middle East, many roofs are built from solid concrete slabs and are predominantly flat.

In America, the most common type of roofing material is asphalt shingles, an oil-based product. Cedar shingles and shakes, slate, metal shingles and sheet metal panels, concrete and clay tiles are among other less common roofing options used in the U.S. for pitched/sloped roofs.

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