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How to Find the Right Roofing Contractor to Replace your Roof in 2017

Only a few short years back, if you needed a roofing contractor or any contractor, you could open the Yellow Pages, and there in plain view you had a good number of contractors listed in your area. Today, with the Yellow Pages becoming pretty much obsolete (it lost 80-90% of its print advertisers compared to its prime 10-15 years ago), along with other forms of printed advertising, such as local newspapers, most roofing contractors can be found online.

But, does this paradigm shift make it any easier to find a roofing pro near you today?

As noted by the makers of the remodeling decision engine at 150points, it may seem at first that the Internet has made it much easier and faster for homeowners to find a far greater number of roofing contractors, but the reality is that conventional online search engine and review sites (Keep in mind that Angie’s List requires a paid membership, and the amount of 5 star reviews on it is often quite overwhelming, with every company looking exactly the same, while Yelp, which is great for restaurants btw., has a severely limited number of roofers on their platform, and oftentimes their reviews are obviously fake or manipulated by the contractor’s friends.) have not necessarily made it much easier or simpler to distinguish real professionals from fly-by-night scammers in order to hire the best and most reasonably-priced contractor for the job.


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In fact, as more and more roofers discover that they can gain access to clients via the Internet and put up company webpages, as well as pay for advertised listings in multiple home improvement directories, it is becoming more of a challenge for homeowners to find the right contractor in this sea of alluring advertisement campaigns.

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