Synthetic Composite Slate & Shake Roofing Costs: Davinci Roofscapes

Slate and clay tiles for roofing have a long history and a beauty that is unique. But they do come at a notoriously high cost. So, asphalt shingles are often used as an alternative, becoming the number one roofing material in North America. However, wouldn’t it be nice if there were another option that had the beauty and durability of slate or even cedar shake, with lesser cost? With synthetic shingles, there is.

Costs and Value

For synthetic composite shingles, shakes, tiles and slates, a fair price range is $7.50 to $12.50 per sq. ft. installed, depending on the roof difficulty, accessibility, and your home’s location. The price will likely be higher in densely populated coastal areas with high costs of doing business including professional labor and contractor’s insurance costs.

With that in mind, the total projected cost of composite roofing installed would be about one third to one half the price of installing natural slate, and roughly twice the cost of installing asphalt shingles.

And it is nearly the same price as installing a cedar shake roof. The difference though is that synthetic roofing materials are lighter and easier to install than other materials, plus they are actually as durable as stone! 😉

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Did you know? Total Costs Installed are largely determined by the choice of materials, location, shape and slope of the roof, and quality, reputation and experience of the installer.

Durability and longevity provide enormous advantage when it comes to the return on investment (ROI). Did you know? Asphalt shingles and cedar shakes are going to go through a minimum of three life cycles on the same sized roof that a synthetic shingle occupies.

Generally, synthetic shingles will carry a 50 plus year warranty. Yet, this is not the only advantage (see below). We estimate a 70 to 80 percent ROI with synthetic roofing products, which likely holds true, if not better for fake or simulated slate.

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