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It is generally agreed that CertainTeed’s shingle quality is at or near the top of all fiberglass (fiberglass-reinforced mat that serves as a base for asphalt composition shingle) shingle brands.

Certainteed Grand Manor Shingles Roof in Colonial Slate
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CertainTeed’s large selection of available asphalt shingle products includes the most luxury roofing shingle lines of any brand, plus the mid-grade architectural or dimensional shingles, and the basic 3-tab or strip shingles.

CertainTeed’s Grand Manor and Presidential Shake products are prime examples of Premium roofing shingles that have enhanced depth and differentiated appearance.

CertainTeed’s Landmark PRO roofing shingles are an example of a traditional architectural shingle designed to appear fuller and more dimensional compared to the flattish-looking 3-tab shingle. Dimensional shingles are also thicker and heavier than the basic 3-tab strip shingles.

Did you know? CertainTeed is a heavyweight brand – literally. Its shingles contain more asphalt than most.

CertainTeed shingles, even the 3-tab strip shingles, weigh 200-plus pounds per square. Most weigh 250-480lbs per square. More weight means better durability (and impact resistance).

Other brands’ shingles weigh 160-280lbs per roofing square.

But what about the price? It’s not a secret that all, CertainTeed is the most expensive brand overall. It sometimes denies warranty claims, though that’s a common complaint about all shingle brands.

Are CertainTeed Shingles Your Best Shingle Option?

Anyone researching shingles will find a lot of praise for CertainTeed roofing, along with a few horror stories.

This in-depth review provides unbiased information to help you make a well-educated buying decision.

Information in this guide is based on the perspectives of roofing contractors who install a wide range of products from different asphalt shingle brands, home inspectors that regularly check CertainTeed shingle and other roofs for potential problems, and homeowners who have lived beneath these shingles for years.

CertainTeed Shingle Pros

Here are the brand’s best attributes from the three perspectives.

What Roofing Contractors Like about CertainTeed Shingles:

While most building codes allow for shingles to be installed over one existing layer, but if you’re putting on a complete new roof, it is important to consider all the materials used and their proper installation.

The CertainTeed Integrity Roof System: A quality roof consists of multiple products (CertainTeed’s Integrity Roof System PDF) installed correctly.

Integrity Roof System by CertainTeed

Like many top brands, CertainTeed makes products for every layer from the roof deck to the ridge cap shingles.

  • Underlayment: This material is traditionally called tar paper or roofing paper. It is installed directly on the wood roof deck. CertainTeed makes two options. WinterGuard is a waterproof barrier. In cold climates, WinterGuard is typically used at the eave and for the first 2-6 feet of roof where ice dams are most likely to form. It is often installed in valleys for extra protection where a large amount of water flows.
    WinterGuard Ice and Water Shield for Eaves and Valleys in Cold Climates

    DiamondDeck is a synthetic water-resistant barrier. Many roofs have a combination of the two underlayments.

    DiamondDeck is a synthetic, scrim-reinforced, water-resistant underlayment offering exceptional dimensional stability compared to standard felt underlayment.
  • Starter shingles: These flat shingles are installed along the eaves to add a layer of protection against ice and wind-driven rain.
  • Shingles: The next layer is comprised of your choice of CertainTeed shingles.
  • Ridge vent: Allowing heat and moisture to vent from the attic is essential to roof durability. Gaps are left in the roof deck at the peaks, and those gaps are covered by the vents.
  • Ridge and hip shingles: Specialty shingles cover the vents and non-vented roof ridges and hips. Several ridge and hip shingle lines give you choices for matching your CertainTeed shingles.

Selling the Integrity roofing system: Installing products designed to work together gives the roofers confidence the roof won’t have issues they’ll have to fix later or risk their reputation. It might produce a more water-tight roof too.

Excellent warranty: CertainTeed has upgraded its warranty. 15 of 19 lines are backed with a lifetime warranty against defects. The warranty now ranks with GAF’s warranty among the best.

There are fewer exclusions (loopholes?) than before and long starting periods without proration. In this guide, we provide more detail about the warranty in the homeowner section below.

Extended warranties: Some homeowners like to maximize their warranty coverage. When a complete Integrity Roofing System is installed, you can buy an extended coverage that covers labor and tear-offs for 20 years (3 Star warranty), 50 years with disposal (4 Star) or 50 years with disposal and added coverage on workmanship (5 Star).

CertainTeed Credentialed contractors: Any roofer you hire should be licensed (if the state requires it) and insured. Some aren’t, so it doesn’t hurt to ask to see their up-to-date license and insurance.

A CertainTeed ShingleMaster contractor takes it a step further – the contractor has completed CertainTeed training programs to ensure they properly install the roof. This is another benefit the contractor can offer to the homeowner, but it might come at a cost – discussed in the cons.

What Home Inspectors Like about CertainTeed

As they walk a roof, inspectors are only impressed by quality and durability, not profile or color. How is the roof performing after 10 or 20+ years? Did it hold up to recent wind or hail storms? Is it resisting algae and staining?

Here’s what CertainTeed offers:

Good impact resistance: CertainTeed sells 11 shingle lines with premium impact warranties. That’s more than other brands. These include Northgate shingles, the IR (impact resistant) versions of popular Landmark and Presidential Shake shingles.

The XT30 IR is one of the few impact-resistant 3-tab shingles available.

All boast Class 4 (highest rating) impact resistance.

Premium durability in mid-grade and premium lines: CertainTeed is a heavyweight brand – literally. Its shingles contain more asphalt than most.

CertainTeed shingles, even 3-tabs, weigh 200-plus pounds per square. Most weigh 250-480lbs per square. More weight means better durability (and impact resistance).

Other brand shingles weigh 160-280lbs per roofing square.

Better resistance to algae and staining: The brand uses granules with algae-fighting copper on all its lines. Each comes with a stain warranty.

The length is 15 years on more than half; 10 years on the rest. Most other brands offer algae warranties on select lines only. Only Atlas shingles, with lifetime algae warranties on three premium lines, is better in this regard.

Wind resistance: The heavier weights help keep shingles in place in high winds. Warranties are only average: 60 mph warranty for most 3-tab and 110 mph warranties on all others.

The better warranty can be boosted to 130 mph with enhanced installation, a feature other top brands also offer. The XT 30 IR is among select few 3-tab shingles we’re aware of with a 70mph wind warranty rather than a 60mph warranty.

What Homeowners Like About CertainTeed Shingles

Homeowners appreciate CertainTeed shingle quality and durability too. Here are a few favorites unique to buyers.

The best selection of luxury shingles: CertainTeed has staked itself out as the top manufacturer of super-premium asphalt shingles.

The luxury shingle lines include Belmont, Grand Manor, Carriage House, Arcadia Shake and Presidential Shake.

TL shingles: These are the super-premium lines of shingles featuring Triple-Laminate or three layers for superior durability, longevity, and enhanced visual dimensionality.

Presidential Shake TL AgedBark

Presidential Solaris TL, Presidential Shake TL, Landmark TL and Landmark Solaris TL are triple-layer (TL) versions. The added layer gives them a more elevated 3D profile that looks more like a wood shake or shingle.

CertainTeed also offers plenty of the basic 3-tab and mid-grade dimensional shingle options:

XT 25 3-tab strip shingles available in nearly 30 colors

Popular 3-tab aka strip shingles include the XT 25 available in nearly 30 colors and the XT 30 IR available in 9 colors.

Landmark Architectural Shingles

Homeowner favorites in the architectural/dimensional lines include standard Landmark shingles in 30+ colors, Landmark IR, Northgate (PDF Brochure) and Highland Slate (PDF Brochure).

Cool roof shingles: The Presidential Solaris and Landmark Solaris lines are rated by the Cool Roofing Rating Council for reducing heat gain.

Solaris shingles are designed for sunny climates or locations where solar heat is a challenge. Less heat in your roof means your attic – and your living space – stays cooler, and you’ll use your AC less. They also meet strict California Title 24 cool roof requirements.

Class A fire rated shingles: Most CertainTeed lines have the Class A fire rating, the top rating for asphalt roofing material. The recently introduced FireScreen 3-tab (PDF brochure) and FireHalt dimensional shingles offer enhanced fire protection.

Transferable warranties: If you sell your home, you can let buyers know the CertainTeed shingle warranty will remain in effect. This is now common with shingle warranties. It’s transferable just once, though.

5 Star extended warranty: When a shingle company denies a claim, something that is common, it typically blames poor installation for the issue. In other words, human error, not bad shingles.

The 5 Star extended warranty covers workmanship for the life of the shingles.

Do we recommend extended warranties? No, and we explain why below.

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CertainTeed Shingle Cons

It’s not all sunshine with any shingle brand, so let’s look at disadvantages of CertainTeed asphalt shingles.

Higher cost: In each category, 3-tab, dimensional and luxury, CertainTeed has the highest costs. You pay more, and though quality and durability are among the best, you won’t get the full benefit if you sell your home.

Pricey extended coverage: There are two ways the extended warranty will cost you more. First, you have to use all CertainTeed materials including underlayment and starter shingles, and their costs are higher than similar materials from other brands.

Secondly, the extended coverage can add up to 15% to your cost. As a result, we do not recommend extended warranties. The truth is, they are a big source of profit for the sellers. Financial expert Dave Ramsey tells why he’s against extended warranties in this brief Q&A.

The third cost is hidden. To get an extended warranty, you must use a CertainTeed Credentialed Installer. There costs are usually higher than average for an experienced roofer.

Warranty hassles: The #1 consumer complaint against CertainTeed and all other shingle brands is denied claims.

Unless the shingle layers are coming apart, known as delamination, it is difficult to prove defects. Most denials get blamed on poor installation – and that’s a fair denial in many cases. Choose your installer wisely!

These questions are a good start:

To avoid warranty claim denials, make sure your roof deck is in excellent condition and the attic is properly vented. These are keys to roof health – and they correct two common reasons for denials.

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CertainTeed Shingles Cost: Materials and Installation

Here are some of CertainTeed’s most popular shingle lines and their costs per roofing square (100 square feet).

3-Tab shingles: XT 30 IR: $65-$85

Most affordable dimensional shingles: Landmark: $95-$125

Most popular dimensional shingles: Landmark PRO: $125-$145

Premium dimensional shingles: Landmark Premium: $155-$185

Most popular luxury shingles: Grand Manor: $225-$265

Other materials and labor – Costs per roofing square:

  • $15-$30 | Underlayment, ridge vent, ridge and hip shingles, starter strip and nails
  • $250-$300 | Installation labor charges

When to Choose CertainTeed and When to Pass

If you want a premium product and plan to stay in your home indefinitely, then CertainTeed, Malarkey or premium Atlas shingles are your top choices.

Even if you plan to sell your home, CertainTeed can be a good choice if you live in an upscale neighborhood and the use of premium shingles is expected. Along with excellent quality, the name CertainTeed has “snob appeal” for some buyers.

If you choose CertainTeed shingles, it’s vital to make sure they are installed by experienced pros with a track record of outstanding workmanship.

In short, do your due diligence in screening installers. The roofing contractors in the Free Estimate offer on this page are prescreened, licensed and insured.

When interviewing roofers, start with the questions we linked to earlier. Once you’ve narrowed your list of potential contractors, check their online reviews and BBB rating.

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