Malarkey vs. CertainTeed Shingles: Costs, Comparison – Definitive Guide

You’re here to get the insight on which brand has the upper hand in the Malarkey vs. CertainTeed shingles battle.

Both companies are very well-established premium brands that are near the top of the industry in consumer satisfaction and shingle durability ratings.

CertainTeed gives you a wider range of quality options, but Malarkey offers enough selection to make their products worth your consideration. Both brands can deliver premium beauty to any home.

Overview: Company and Product Comparison

In this section we will compare both brands and answer the following questions:

  • Who are these companies and what are their best-selling shingle products?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of each brand?


CertainTeed Landmark Pro shingles roof

This is the brand of asphalt shingles that all others are measured against. CertainTeed is one of the most prominent manufacturers of exterior building materials of all types, not just roofing.

The best-selling lines are Landmark series shingles, and they’re offered in Landmark, Landmark Pro, Landmark Premium, and the new Landmark ClimateFlex.

CertainTeed makes about a dozen shingle lines in three categories: 3-tab or strip shingles, Designer/Architectural and Premium.

All major asphalt roofing shingle manufacturers have a similar three-tier lineups.

Malarkey makes half as many shingle product lines as CertainTeed.

Specialty shingles from CertainTeed include solar reflective and UV-reflective CoolRoof rated shingles, class 4 hail impact resistant shingles, algae-resistant shingles, and polymer-modified shingles suitable for installation even in cold weather.


Malarkey Legacy shingles roof

This brand keeps its focus on roofing materials – mostly asphalt shingles for residential applications, but also offers a few commercial roofing products.

Best-selling Malarkey shingles are the manufacturer’s Architectural lines called Vista, Highlander and Legacy. — They all feature NEX flexibility for cold-weather application, plus strength and flexibility in high winds, explained below.

Malarkey used to make 3-tab shingles, which were more affordable than its current architectural shingle lines, and Designer shingles, the Windsor line (the most expensive).

Specialty shingle choices are no surprise – they include algae-resistant, impact-resistant, and Cool Roof options.

Clearing the confusion: Malarkey calls its premium shingles “Designer.” — That’s the term CertainTeed uses for its midgrade shingles, the best-selling Landmark architectural shingles.

The brands mean different things by the label. Keep this in mind for the sake of the CertainTeed Landmark vs Malarkey Legacy comparison – both products fit into the mid-tier Architectural Shingle class.

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Comparison of Best-selling Shingles from both brands:

CertainTeed Landmark shingles are the most requested product from this leading brand.

For Malarkey, Legacy is the top seller, especially in areas where roofers recommend class-4 Hail impact-resistant shingles. — And that’s pretty much anywhere with significant hailstorms potential — Montana, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Michigan, Ohio, Nebraska, etc. high winds that can blow branches and debris into roofs or where ice can fall from trees onto shingles.

Other shingle lines that will be compared below include those that meet CRRC – Cool Roof Rating Council – requirements for solar reflectance, which keeps the surface of the roof cooler than regular non-CRRC shingles.

So, let’s compare CertainTeed Landmark to Malarkey Legacy shingles.

Malarkey calls the Legacy line “Architectural shingles”; CertainTeed uses the term Designer for its Landmark shingles, but the terms are synonymous between the two brands.

Other terms that mean the same thing are Dimensional and Laminated. Again, both fall in that middle tier between 3-tab and Premium/Luxury shingles.

Tip: Learn more about different types of shingles here:

Malarkey Legacy and CertainTeed Landmark shingles compete directly with other popular roofing shingles like Owens Corning Duration, GAF Timberline HDZ and Atlas Pinnacle Pristine shingles.

See the section Malarkey and CertainTeed Against the World for a discussion on how these brands rate against other prominent manufacturers that also compete in the Dimensional shingle category.


CertainTeed Landmark shingles are manufactured in 4 lines, as stated earlier:

Landmark shingles – Formerly Landmark 30-year shingles are the hot sellers and cover all the basic requirements of an outstanding asphalt roofing shingle.

Landmark shingles are backed by a Lifetime warranty (as are all Landmark lines).

Landmark Pro – Formerly Landmark 40-year shingles are heavier – more asphalt for protection against wind and impact. This also makes them a little thicker for aesthetic value.

Landmark Premium – Formerly Landmark 50-year shingles, are premium product featuring multi-layer construction for superior durability and longevity. Landmark premium shingles offer a palette of high-contrast Max Def colors.

Landmark TL – A premium quality triple-laminate heavy-weight shingle that emulates the classic beauty of cedar shake roofing. Landmark TL shingles feature high-contrast color palette and random tab designs with natural shadow lines that create an enhanced visual dimensionality.

When you choose Landmark Premium shingles, you get a very thick shingle. The result is a more authentic wood shake appearance that creates deeper shadowing on the roof. Landmark Pro, Premium, and TL (triple-laminate) series feature what CertainTeed calls MaxDef color granules that produce richer color contrasts within the shingle field.

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Landmark Specialty Shingles:

Landmark ClimateFlex is manufactured with asphalt modified with rubber polymers to create a more flexible shingle that handles impact better and can also be installed in cold weather because it won’t become brittle and crack when nailed.

Landmark Solaris – Cool Roof version of the popular Landmark shingles.

Landmark Solaris Pro – Cool Roof version of the popular Landmark Pro shingles.

Landmark TL Solaris – A Cool Roof color version of the luxury Landmark triple-laminate shingle, featuring high-contrast color palette and random tab designs with natural shadow lines that create an enhanced visual dimensionality.

Malarkey Legacy shingles rival Landmark ClimateFlex in their use of polymers to create a tough, impact-resistant, and flexible shingle. The advantage to the homeowner is better protection against the elements, especially wind and debris impacting the roof.

Additionally, if you get into cooler weather in fall or winter, depending on your climate, you can still get your roof replaced. This is a bonus if the first heavy weather of the season hits, and you realize your roof isn’t in good condition.

Key Difference:

CertainTeed obviously gives you more options with four separate Landmark series (Landmark, Pro, Premium, and TL) to fit your installation requirements and budget. There is one Legacy shingles line, but it offers excellent performance.


All CertainTeed Landmark shingle lines boast two-piece laminated construction, except for the Landmark TL luxury shingle that features triple-layer construction for even greater durability and premium performance.

Two asphalt-soaked strips of fiberglass are fused together to form the shingle. The top layer is cut into tabs to give it a wood-shake look.

Additionally, the asphalt used in Landmark ClimateFlex is modified with rubberized polymers for increased flexibility even in colder weather than would be suitable for installation of ordinary shingles.

Malarkey Legacy is also a two-piece laminated shingle. It is most like the Landmark ClimateFlex shingles because its asphalt is also rubberized using polymers that make it both more flexible for cold-weather installation and resistant to impact. But Legacy offers greener manufacturing and performance, which is described below.


These are all beefy shingles. Average weights for the Landmark lines per square, or 100 square feet of roofing, are: Landmark – 225lbs, Landmark Pro – 250lbs, Landmark Premium and Landmark Triple-Laminate – 300lbs, and Landmark ClimateFlex – 230lbs.

Malarkey Legacy shingles average about 235lbs per square.

Key Difference: If your roofing contractor suggests a heavy shingle to combat high winds, then strongly consider the CertainTeed Landmark Premium shingles which outweigh the Malarkey product by 65lbs per 100 square feet of roof. Weight, for sure, is not the only combatant vs wind, but when quality shingles are compared, heavier is often better.

But will your roof structure require the addition of extra supports to handle the weight? In most cases, the answer is no. Your roofer can inspect your roof framing from within the attic to determine whether the heavier shingles are suitable for your roof.

Keep this in mind: CertainTeed Grand Manor shingles weigh 425lbs per roofing square, and they’re OK’d for most roofs. You should be fine with Landmark Premium.

Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects

All Landmark shingles are covered by a Lifetime limited warranty with a 10-year SureStart warranty, which means the warranty isn’t prorated for the first 10 years and covers 100% of replacement cost for the shingles and labor during this period.

CertainTeed’s warranty is transferable for the life of the shingles.

Malarkey Legacy shingles also come with a Lifetime warranty.

Key Difference: The advantage here for Malarkey is that the Legacy shingles have a

15-year non-prorated period Malarkey calls it the Right Start period, five years longer than CertainTeed’s SureStart warranty.

Wind Ratings and Warranty

All these shingle lines are backed by a standard 110 mph wind warranty. The Landmark Pro, Premium and ClimateFlex lines and the Malarkey Legacy shingles offer an upgrade on the wind warranty: With enhanced installation, which varies slightly by brand but generally includes extra nails and adhesive plus using the brand’s starter and/or ridge shingles, the wind warranty is boosted to 130 mph.

Key Difference:

CertainTeed’s Wind Warranty is a 15-year warranty. Malarkey does not specify a limit to the length of the warranty. It lasts for the life of the manufacturer’s warranty period.

Advantage to Malarkey

Algae Warranty

CertainTeed Landmark and Landmark ClimateFlex shingles have a 10-year algae warranty; Pro and Premium lines have a 15-year warranty. CertainTeed calls the warranty StreakFighter.

Malarkey makes two versions of the Legacy shingles – those with 3M Scotchgard coating and those without. The Scotchgard shingles have a Lifetime algae warranty.

Legacy shingles without the coating have no algae warranty.

Note: Legacy 272 shingles do not have the coating. Legacy 273 shingles are coated with Scotchgard.

Key Difference: If you want an algae warranty because you live in a climate with lots of rain or high humidity, then you’ll either need a Landmark shingle or upgrade to the Legacy 273 shingles.

Be sure your roofing contractor understands you want the algae-resistant version if that is your preference. And if you don’t want black streaks once a warranty expires – with no recourse to the manufacturer – then the Malarkey Legacy 273 with Scotchgard are your only option.

Again, Advantage Malarkey

Fire and Impact Ratings

All the shingles in this Malarkey vs CertainTeed comparison have Class A Fire ratings, the best available for asphalt shingles.

The Malarkey Legacy and CertainTeed ClimateFlex shingles achieve a Class 4 Impact Rating, also the best given to asphalt roofing.


Both lines of shingles feature a top layer cut to look like wood shakes. Landmark and Legacy top layers alternate a wider “shake” and a narrower one to create contrast and shadowing. In short, they are very similar in appearance.


CertainTeed Landmark – 13, Landmark Pro – 12, Landmark Premium – 5, and Landmark ClimateFlex – 6. Legacy shingles are sold in 9 colors.

Did you know? Colors occasionally vary by region of the country. For example, the darkest shingles might not be available in the hottest, sunniest areas because of the impact of heat absorption.

Advantage to CertainTeed when considering your color options.

Cool Roof Ratings

A roofing organization called the Cool Roof Rating Council, or CRRC, tests the solar reflectance of all types of roofing materials including asphalt shingles.

None of the Landmark series achieve the CRRC label.

Just one of the Malarkey Legacy line is CRRC-certified, the Legacy Silverwood shingle. It also passes the stringent California CEC Title 24, Part 6 Cool Roof Requirements, which are explained in detail under the heading Whose Roofs are Cooler?

Advantage Malarkey, but only if you like the light Silverwood coloring.


Here are the retail costs for just the shingle. Options for underlayment, starter shingles and hip/ridge shingles vary quite a bit in quality and cost.

CertainTeed Landmark average $90-$95 per square; Landmark Pro: $120-$130 per square; Landmark Premium: $150-$160 per square; Landmark ClimateFlex: $130-$140 per square.

Malarkey Legacy shingle cost averages about $135-$150 per square for the standard shingles. For about $155-$160 per square, you can get the Legacy shingles treated with Scotchgard, the 273 version.

That’s an easy call for us. For about $300 more (30 roofing squares) on the average 2,000 square foot home, you get a lifetime algae-protection warranty.

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Key Difference:

The Landmark ClimateFlex seems like a bargain to us. We were surprised at how affordable this new line is, and we think it well worth your money compared with the Legacy shingles if a Class 4 impact rating is your primary reason for considering the products.

Construction and general performance are very similar. And a savings of about $25 per square adds up on a roof requiring 20-40 squares.

What Other Lines Do CertainTeed and Malarkey Make?

Most consumers are most focused on the Landmark vs Legacy comparison, but you’ve got a good selection of shingle series to consider.

We’ll save the direct comparison of CertainTeed Solaris vs Malarkey Ecoasis shingles, the two most solar-reflective options from these brands, for a dedicated section below.


Here is a quick overview of the other CertainTeed lines. There are more details here:

3-tab or Strip Shingles: The XT25 is a popular shingle sold in 10 colors in most areas of the country. It’s backed by a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty with 5-year non-prorated protection and a Class A fire rating.

Architectural Shingles: CertainTeed calls their architectural or dimensional shingles Designer shingles. In addition to the 4 Landmark series, you’ll find the slate-look Highland Slate in 6 colors and the shake-appearance Northgate ClimateFlex in 8 colors. Both are backed by Lifetime transferable warranties with 10-year non-proration protection.

Luxury or Premium Shingles: No brand offers more options in this category than CertainTeed. They are quality-made, robust for all-weather protection and quite expensive.

The three slate-style options are Carriage House, Belmont, and Grand Manor, all very thick laminated shingles backed by Lifetime warranties with 10-year SureStart protection. The styles are appropriate for upscale brick homes but would be “over the top” and many other homes.

The Presidential shake-style collection includes Presidential (6 colors), Presidential IR (4 colors) with modified asphalt for impact resistance and the ultra-thick Presidential TL (triple layer in 6 colors) shingles.

Presidential shingles boast a staggered cut that provides more visual contrast compared with the straight-across cut of most shingles with a wood shake appearance. They feature the same solid warranties.


The selection is limited, but we think that if you like the Malarkey brand as we do, there are enough choices that you’ll find a shingle that will look great on your home.

3-tab Shingles: The Dura-Seal shingles (recently discontinued) are produced in 8 colors. They’re backed with a 25-year warranty equal to the CertainTeed XT25 with the advantage of a 7-year non-prorated period. Like the XT25, the basic wind warranty is 60 mph, but the Dura-Seal offers enhancement to 70 mph.

Here’s an advantage for Malarkey: The Ivory Mist color is CRRC-rated for energy efficiency due to solar reflectance.

Architectural Shingles: Besides the Legacy series, Malarkey makes Vista in 9 colors and Highlander NEX in 7 colors. Both are backed with Lifetime warranties and 110/130 mph wind warranties similar to those offered by CertainTeed in this tier of shingles.

The non-prorated period is 12 years on Vista and 10 years on Highlander. Golden Amber, Ivory Mist, Sienna Blend, and Silverwood colors meet CRRC requirements plus CEC Title 24, Part 6 Cool Roof Requirements.

What is NEX? This technology has two things going for it. First, its essential element is polymer-modified asphalt for flexibility and cold-weather installation. Secondly, the polymers are obtained through upcycling used tires and other rubber products.

Upcycling? It’s a process that turns used material into something new without totally breaking it down and refashioning/re-manufacturing it. Instead, the rubber materials are ground to a powder and added to the asphalt used to make the roofing shingles. Upcycling takes less energy, so is considered a higher form of recycling – it is easier on the environment.

Premium Shingles: The Malarkey Windsor shingle in 7 colors feature Scotchgard coating, a Lifetime warranty, and a 15-year non-prorated period. They have Class 4 impact resistance and a standard 110 mph warranty that can be upgraded to 140 mph. These are NEX shingles too.

Key Difference: Malarkey shines in a couple of ways. First, the warranties are better across all lines when compared with CertainTeed. Secondly, if you’re an eco-friendly homeowner, the NEX lines are very compelling. Keep reading for more on NEX.

There’s more to learn about the Malarkey shingle lineup here:

Durability – Whose Shingles Last Longer?

CertainTeed has a reputation that is right at the top. But so does Malarkey. You’ll find roofing professionals on both sides of the debate.

Climate and the quality of the installation are the largest factors in shingle durability. From these brands, here is what you can expect:

  • 3-tab shingles last 15-20 years
  • Architectural shingles last 17-30 years
  • Premium shingles last 20-35 years

What does “last” mean? We’ve all seen homes with shingles on them that are clearly 40+ years old. They look bad, but they are still up there.

By “last,” it is meant that the shingles are still holding half or more of their granules, there is little cupping at the edges, and the roof is keeping out the rain.

Do you want your shingles to last – whether they are CertainTeed, Malarkey, Atlas, OC, GAF, or another brand?

Then choose your installer carefully. Proper installation ensures secure adhesion, nails that stay in place without being driven too far through the shingle and the right combination of materials – underlayment, ice and water protection for eaves and valleys, starter shingles, shingles, ridge vents and hip/ridge shingles.

Availability – Where Can I Buy Malarkey and CertainTeed Shingles?

CertainTeed roofing shingles are available throughout the United States.

Malarkey shingles are not available in eastern states. They are sold in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, and all states to the west of those.

However, there slightly fewer Malarkey distributors and retail sellers. If you live in a rural area, you might have a harder time finding a quality roofing contractor that offers Malarkey shingles – or you might have to hire one from 20-50 miles away and incur extra travel costs as part of the estimate.

Whose Roofs are Cooler? Energy Efficient Shingles

What About Cool Roof Energy Efficient Solar Reflective Shingles? We have already noted several shingle lines that meet CRRC – Cool Roof Rating Council – approval: Malarkey Legacy Silverwood, Dura-Seal Ivory Mist and Highlander Golden Amber, Ivory Mist, Sienna Blend, and Silverwood.

The key comparison is CertainTeed Solaris vs Malarkey Ecoasis shingles. These are the two most energy efficient series from these top asphalt shingle brands.

CertainTeed Landmark Solaris

Landmark Solaris shingles are rated by the Cool Roofing Rating Council (CRRC) and comply with the 2016 California Title 24 Part 6 Cool Roof Requirements. According to CertainTeed, “Solaris shingles may also qualify for credits/points in LEED®, NAHB® and other ‘green’ programs.

Did you know? The CRRC assigns shingle granules a Solar Reflective Index, or SRI. This rating is the basis for the solar reflectance rating discussed in the following information.

Solar Reflectance: Solaris colors, when new, range from 0.19 to 0.26. When aged, the range is from 0.18 to 0.27. A few of the lines including Silver Birch and Mist White gain solar reflectance as they age, likely because they fade to a lighter, more reflective color.

The essential ingredient is solar-reflective granules that deflect a portion of the sun’s heat away from your roof. This video explains the technology in detail.

CertainTeed Solaris asphalt shingles have a wood shake appearance and are produced in 11 colors, all with the certifications listed above.

Warranty: This quality laminated architectural shingle is backed by a Lifetime warranty with CertainTeed’s 10-year SureStart no-proration period. The StreakFighter algae-staining warranty is a nice 15 years.

Energy Star: Gaining Energy Star certification is more difficult than the CRRC certification. Aged Cedar, Crystal Gray, Mist White, and Silver Birch, all with solar reflectance of at least 0.26, are Energy Star rated. That’s impressive.

Energy Star Benefits: The main benefit of energy efficient roofing is reduced heat gain into your home. If your attic heats up, or the space above a vaulted ceiling, that heat will transfer into your home even if well-insulated. Warmer air makes a home uncomfortable – or it leads to higher energy costs when air conditioning is used.


While the federal government no longer offers tax credits on cool roofing, many utility companies give rebates for the installation of CRRC/Cool Roof materials.

For example, in Pasadena, CA, if your roofing material has an aged (3-year) SRI/Solar Reflectance of 16 or higher, you’ll receive a rebate of $0.20 (20 cents) per square foot of roofing. The average 2,000 square foot ranch home has 2,400 to 3,000 square feet of roofing depending on its slope. The rebate would be $480 to $600.

Why do they offer rebates? Because these public companies are tasked with reducing energy use among their customers. Incentivizing homeowners to install cool roofing (PDF) helps make that happen. Learn more about CertainTeed solar-reflective shingle options in this brochure.

There’s More! The Solaris technology is available on these other CertainTeed shingle lines – Landmark Pro Solaris, Landmark TL Solaris, Presidential Shake and Presidential Shake TL.

Malarkey Ecoasis

Malarkey offers a range of other CRRC cool roof asphalt shingles we’ve already mentioned. The lines and solar reflectance include Dura-Seal Ivory Mist (0.25), Vista Silverwood (0.22) and Highlander Silverwood (0.22).
Ecoasis is Malarkey’s line with the most options that meet CRRC standards. The solar reflectance ranges from 0.18 to 0.21. None are as high as those just mentioned.

There are 8 colors available. All colors comply with CEC Title 24, Part 6 Cool Roof Requirements.

Warranty: This line is backed by a Lifetime warranty plus a 10-year period in which the warranty is not prorated.

Energy Star: None of the Ecoasis shingle colors reach the 0.26 threshold to be Energy Star rated.

Rebates! Many utilities require a solar reflectance of 0.16 or higher, so these shingles qualify (PDF).

The conclusion is that CertainTeed Solaris are more efficient; Malarkey Ecoasis have better warranties.

Malarkey and CertainTeed Against the World

How do the top-selling lines from these heavyweight brands stack up against the best shingles from OC, GAF, and top manufacturers? While an exhaustive comparison would exhaust us all, here’s a brief look at how the CertainTeed Landmark and Malarkey Legacy shingles compare with the best-selling architectural shingles from other leading brands.

Owens Corning Duration The Duration family of shingles covers a lot of territory – more like CertainTeed Landmark than Malarkey Legacy. This is how OC has chosen to market this line – or rather 8 lines of shingles – all under the Duration umbrella.

Four lines (Duration, Max, COOL and COOL Plus) offer solar reflective shingles that meet CRRC standards. Two, Flex and Storm, use polymer-enhanced asphalt to achieve a Class 4 impact rating equal to Legacy NEX and Landmark ClimateFlex lines.

Warranties are very comparable including Lifetime warranties on most shingle lines.

The bottom line is that OC gets better ratings on many platforms when compared with CertainTeed and Malarkey.

GAF Timberline HDZ are the closest match from GAF to the Legacy and Landmark lines. GAF claims this is the best-selling shingle in America, and that’s probably true.

In short, you get less variety in shingle lines and styles with GAF, but the Timberline HDZ is pretty close in overall quality – maybe just a step behind – except when it comes to windy conditions.

The HDZ shingle is the first line with no windspeed limit on the wind warranty, made possible by GAF’s patented LayerLock design. This line carriers a Lifetime warranty.

Atlas Pinnacle Pristine are produced in Classic and Natural Expressions lines of architectural shingles. They offer all the features that CertainTeed Landmark and Malarkey Legacy shingles deliver – Multi-layer construction, good range of color choices, Lifetime warranty and similar wind and algae warranties. Scotchgard stain-fighting treatment is available. Atlas is considered a top-tier manufacturer of quality asphalt roofing shingles.

Tamko Heritage – There are four versions/lines of this shingle, comparable to the Landmark brand from CertainTeed, including Heritage IR with polymer-enhanced asphalt and a Class 4 impact rating.

All Heritage lines are backed by a Lifetime warranty with a 10-year non-prorated period. The consensus in the roofing industry is that Tamko is a very good shingle brand, if not quite in the same company as Malarkey or Owens Corning.

IKO – Cambridge and Cambridge Cool Colors are the leading IKO architectural shingles and most comparable to those we’re considering above. The IKO Cool Colors shingles deliver high solar reflectance – exceeding CRRC standards.

The solar reflectance of 6 colors is 0.20 or higher. Warranties are what you’d expect – Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, a basic 110 mph wind warranty and an enhanced installation wind warranty of 130 mph.

The two Cambridge lines are considered above-average shingles, and the Cool Colors version is well worth considering in very sunny, warm climates.

Malarkey vs CertainTeed – Final Points to Consider

“You can’t go wrong” with either brand is probably an overused phrase, but here there’s some truth to it. Still, let’s end this Malarkey vs CertainTeed Shingles guide with a few nuanced summary points.

Distribution – If you live East of the line running southwest from Ohio through KY, TN and MS, this all may be irrelevant to you. Malarkey shingles aren’t distributed in the East. Sure, you can find a distributor that will ship Malarkey shingles to Boston or Miami, but at 225lbs or so per square (you’ll need 20-35 squares on most homes), you’re talking $thousands in freight costs.

Quality – CertainTeed has a huge name and lots of fans due to better-than-most quality. But across all shingle lines, Malarkey boasts superior quality in terms of durability, grip/hold to the roof and strength. Research shows that consumers give Malarkey better overall ratings, and there are fewer complaints about Malarkey relative to the number of jobs done.

Warranties – Malarkey’s are slightly better, having initial periods when the warranty is not prorated that are 2 to 5 years longer, depending on the shingle line.

Storm Performance – The new NEX asphalt technology promises even better performance against tearing from wind uplift and denting from hail. But CertainTeed claims that ClimateFlex offers the same benefits.

Time will tell for these new shingle formulations. The materials are so similar, we suspect they’ll have comparably good results too. But there is a benefit to NEX that CertainTeed can’t match.

Eco-friendliness – The truth is, asphalt shingles aren’t very green. Asphalt is an oil-based product. A fair amount of energy is used to produce them, though not as much as used in metal roofing.

Shingles rarely get recycled – We’ve done the research on this. While they can be recycled, and your installer might tell you they will be taken to a recycling facility, here’s the truth:

There are very few facilities that will take them. Those that do are overwhelmed by the sheer volume. And when they can’t deal with the volume, they truck the excess to a landfill.

There’s one bright spot with NEX. Both rubber and plastic waste is upcycled into the shingles. Malarkey says, “Each roof diverts the equivalent of 5 rubber tires and 350 milk jugs from the landfill.” That’s a start. Here’s the flyer on it. CertainTeed doesn’t offer anything similar at this point.

And then there are the Malarkey 3M Smog-reducing Granules. What? We’ll let Malarkey speak for itself: “3M™ Smog-reducing Granules (featured in TIME Magazine’s 50 Best Inventions of 2018), harness sunlight to photocatalytically convert smog (NO, NO2) into water-soluble ions (NO3), actively reducing air pollution. One roof has the same smog-fighting potential as 2 or more trees [roofs with 30+ squares].”

Selection – CertainTeed is the hands-down winner here, in both Landmark vs Legacy and the luxury/designer tier of shingles.

Complete Roofing Systems – We cover these in the Pros, Cons, Costs and Review Guides for each brand, so didn’t give it space here. Both Malarkey and CertainTeed have them. Your warranty can be upgraded if you choose 3 or 4 roofing products from the brand, for example, CertainTeed underlayment, water barrier for valleys, starter shingles, hip/ridge shingles, etc.

Brand-certified Roofers – Each brand offers training to roofing contractors to become certified installers. CertainTeed calls it the Select ShingleMaster program; Malarkey gives it the straightforward name Certified Residential Contractor.

Anyone can install products from brands, but if you choose a certified contractor, you’ll have some assurance that the roofers know what they are doing, having been trained in the manufacturer’s factory or using their training materials. Additionally, you might be offered a better warranty for choosing a certified installer.

Which Brand Would We Choose?

Malarkey. If we were considering architectural shingles, Legacy or Landmark particularly, our choice would be Malarkey Legacy shingles.

Our bottom-line conclusion is that Malarkey pays more attention to the details that take an asphalt roofing shingle from good to great. These include one feature we haven’t mentioned to this point – the Zone, a larger, reinforced nailing area that ensures a more secure grip to your roof.

The area is also tapered, so that the underlying and overlying shingles fit more tightly together. Finally, the larger zone allows for a second rain seal – most shingle brands have just one seal.

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