Why Standing Seam Solar Metal Roof Blows Tesla Solar Roof Out of the Water!

Right off the bat, we love Tesla Solar Roof and what Elon Musk is doing to disrupt the solar roofing market.

Tesla smooth solar glass tile roof. Source: Tesla

But, the reality is that despite its revolutionary style, great looks, and the bold promise “to rid your roof of those bulky and unsightly solar panels”, Elon’s new product is way too expensive and unaffordable for a typical American household.

Traditional PV solar panels on an asphalt shingle roof

That’s right, outside of the upper middle class families in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Seattle, and other major, affluent tech hubs, most regular people don’t have that extra $50,000 to $65,000 to shell out for Tesla’s new and unproven Tesla Solar Roof.

Furthermore, at this point, the new product from Tesla is completely unproven in terms of the roof’s ability to withstand the elements and remain leak-free for the duration of its intended lifespan.

Granted, every product has to go through a product adoption life-cycle curve, but unless Tesla solar roof pricing changes drastically, we don’t see a mass market adoption of this promising new product happening any time soon.

What’s more, should the government decide to pull a plug on solar tax credits, then Tesla solar tile roof will be dead in the water, again due to its very high cost.

Fortunately, there are better and more financially-wise solar roofing alternatives available on the market today.

That’s right we are talking about traditional solar panels but not in a way that you are probably used to. Here at Roofing Calculator, we are not big fans of installing PV solar panels over the traditional asphalt roofs. In fact, we think it’s a highly dubious proposition for most homes because modern solar panels can easily provide 25 years of electric output, while asphalt roofs may not necessarily last the long.

What’s more, any time solar panels are being installed over the existing asphalt roof (not during the replacement of the old roof), there are always numerous holes being drilled through the existing roof. Drilling of the holes or creating penetrations in the roof is a necessary step when installing solar panels over the existing asphalt roof.

Did you know? Roof penetrations created in the asphalt shingle roof during the installation of solar panels, can later cause issues and result in premature roof leaks. — These roof leaks can occur, even if all the roof penetrations were carefully covered with lots of caulk and silicone.

Standing Seam Solar Metal Roof Combo — A Smarter Way to Go Solar!

Fortunately, there is a better alternative to asphalt shingles for mounting of the solar panels without having to drill any holes in the roof.

Standing Seam Roof integrated with Solar Panels

Consider standing seam metal roof. It’s a seamless metal roofing system ready for penetration-free solar roof integration.

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The reason why we love standing seam metal roofs, aside from their superior durability, longevity, and energy efficiency, is that you can mount solar panels over the seams of standing seam with the help of S-5 solar mounting brackets designed specifically for standing seam metal roof.

A standing seam metal roof integrated with solar panels is a powerful combination of durability, longevity, energy efficiency, and most-importantly value for the money. The best part about standing seam is that it’s proven to last in pretty much any climate, while providing superior durability, longevity, and energy savings.

Are you planning to go solar any time soon? If so what systems are you considering?

2 thoughts on “Why Standing Seam Solar Metal Roof Blows Tesla Solar Roof Out of the Water!”

  1. There are two major kinds of standing seam roofs in Albuquerque, NM. The flange roof or the clip roof. The flange roof here is the most popular.

    So what are the pros and cons when installing solar panels for both the metal roof attached with flange versus a metal roof attached with clips?


    • Clip systems usually have higher seams, which can be advantageous when attaching solar panels to the seams of the metal roof. Clip systems can also offer better flexibility in terms of allowing the expansion and contraction of the metal panels due to thermal movement. Flange nail strip standing seam systems also allow for thermal movement of the panels, provided the screws are installed right in the center of the nail strip and with proper tightness.


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