SunTegra Solar Roof Tiles & Shingles Cost – The Ultimate Guide

Solar roof shingles can be an attractive option for homeowners who don’t like the appearance of conventional solar panels. Unlike the traditional PV installations where panels are mounted on top of the roof, solar shingles and tiles become part of the roof itself.

Suntegra integrated solar tiles on a roof

As you might guess from the name, these are roof shingles with built-in photovoltaic cells, which means you don’t need to install two separate components. SunTegra is one of the leading solar tile roof providers in the US, and their products can easily integrate with both asphalt shingle and concrete tile roofs.

SunTegra was founded in 2013, and the company was originally called Integrated Solar Technology (IST). SunTegra was founded by Oliver Koehler, who had already accumulated 15 years of experience in the solar power industry.

As of 2022, SunTegra has expanded to Canada and Mexico, and the company offers two main products: solar shingles and solar tiles. Each product line has different dimensions and specifications, adapting to many different types of roofs.

SunTegra is also working on new solar products for gardens and patios, which will become available in the near future. They are also developing solar products for building facades and other vertical surfaces, which will also be available for commercial and community buildings.

Suntegra Solar Shingles and Solar Tiles: What Is the Difference?

If you visit the SunTegra website, you will notice they offer two main products: solar tiles and solar shingles. Each product is designed for different types of roofs, and below we will provide a detailed comparison.

Suntegra solar tiles on a concrete roof

Both SunTegra products use monocrystalline solar cells, achieving a rather high electricity output throughout their service life.

SunTegra Solar Tiles are designed for concrete or clay tile roofs, and they can be installed just like traditional concrete tiles. You can use them in a new construction project, or you can upgrade an existing concrete or clay tile roof without having to replace all the tiles. SunTegra solar tiles are suitable not only for homes, but also for commercial buildings and carports.

SunTegra Solar Shingles are designed to replace asphalt shingles, but they are also compatible with other low-profile roofing materials. They use 50% fewer parts than a traditional solar panel system, and they can also be installed twice as fast. SunTegra shingles have a lightweight design, and they have built-in wiring to speed up their installation.

The following table compares the features and specifications of both solar roof products from SunTegra. Keep in mind that they are designed for different types of roofs, and they are not competing products.

Both solar tiles and shingles can be used for partial upgrades, meaning you can go solar without having to worry about the expense associated with completely replacing the existing roof.

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Luma Solar Roof Shingles: Cost, Pros & Cons – The Ultimate Guide

Installing photovoltaic panels is the traditional solution when you want to use solar power at home. This is not a problem if you like the appearance of a rooftop solar system, but there are also many homeowners who prefer to have their roof free and clear of any additional objects.

Luma solar tiles on a hip roof

There are now several manufacturers offering roofing shingles with built-in PV cells, meaning you can generate clean energy without having to install solar panels on top of your roof.

Luma Solar is a leading brand in this market segment, and here we will review the main features of their solar tile roofs.

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Luma Solar Shingles vs. Tesla Solar Roof: Comparing Two Leading Brands

Unlike traditional solar panels, which are installed on top of your roof, solar shingles are designed to become your roof. Tesla and Luma Solar are two of the best-known brands that offer solar tiles that we will be comparing in this guide. However, before we discuss what both brands have to offer, the first step is deciding if solar shingles or tiles makes sense for your home.

Luma Solar roof on a residence via Luma Solar

Solar shingles accomplish the same function as a normal roof, while having built-in photovoltaic cells to generate electricity. Depending on the current condition of your roof, this design can be an advantage or a disadvantage:

  • Solar roof shingles are very convenient if you plan to build a new home, or if you have an old roof that needs a replacement soon. Instead of installing a new roof and solar panels as two separate systems, you can use a product that combines their functions.
  • On the other hand, if your roof is in good condition and you don’t plan a replacement in a long time, traditional solar panels are recommended.

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