BIPV Solar Shingles Cost: SunTegra, CertainTeed Appolo, Tesla Solar Roof

Your options for building integrated photovoltaic solar roofs have expanded with Suntegra, CertainTeed Appolo, and Luma Solar tiles to compete with other PV solar products currently being installed.

Certainteed Apollo-2 solar shingles roof

This guide covers the currently available and newly emerging BiPV / roof integrated PV (RiPV) solar shingle options, their costs, availability in specific markets within the US, and pros and cons of each option.


The table below includes the cost info and availability details for the top four leading RiPV competitors:

Product Cost per sq.ft. Cost per watt* 2,750 sq.ft. roof
CertainTeed Apollo II Shingle $17.25 – $22.00 $6.40 – $8.00 $47,230 – $60,500
CertainTeed Apollo II Tile $20.88 – $27.37 $7.65 – $10.00 $57,420 – $75,281
Dow PowerHouse II) (Discontinued due to bankruptcy) $15.00 – $20.00 Est. $6.15 $41,250 – $55,000
SunTegra Shingle $15.52 – $17.4 $5.70 – $6.40 $42,694 – $47,850
SunTegra Tile $16.80 – $21.30 $6.16 – $7.81 $46,200 – $58,575
Tesla Solar Tile $32.00 – $42.00 $11.77-$15.40 $88,000 – $115,500

Note: the above figures are baseline costs (estimated). The actual costs can in some cases be up to 25% higher, depending on the particulars of the jobs including more complex roofs and/or in areas with high cost of living, and in major coastal cities.

All costs include what is known as BOS, or balance of system, costs. These include the connectors, wiring and electrical inverter required for the installation. They do not factor storage battery costs ($7,500 – $12,500 for most systems).

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CertainTeed Apollo II Solar Shingles vs. Tesla Solar Roof

So, you want to invest in a new roof with the latest 21st century technology and you plan to spend some serious coin doing so.

You are intrigued by solar power, but do not want to go the route of traditional solar panel roof installation — you want something a bit more pleasing to the eye.

Here is your conundrum. Would you rather go with a company that has been in the roofing business for over 100 years and cut its teeth on asphalt shingles or the company that comes from world of high tech and never put up a roof before the controversial acquisition of SolarCity.

To further complicate your decision-making the established roofing business is part of one the world’s largest home building products conglomerates that has been in business for over 350 years.

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Solar Power for Homes: How Does a Solar Panel System Work in 2022?

How Do Solar Panels Work?

how a solar power system works
How a home solar panel system works in 4 steps
  1. Solar cells convert photons to electricity: All photovoltaic solar power systems like the traditional solar panels, BiPV solar shingles and tiles, and thin-film solar laminates contain photovoltaic solar cells designed to convert solar energy to electricity. When the sun shines, the energy carried by the photons gets absorbed by the solar cells that convert it to direct current (DC) electricity.
  2. Inverter converts direct (DC) current to alternating current (AC): All rooftop solar panel systems are normally connected to an inverter by a licensed electrician during the installation. The inverter inverts (converts) the direct current (DC) electricity generated by the solar cells to alternating current (AC), which is the kind of electricity people use in their homes.
  3. Alternating current flows through the electric panel into your home: Alternating current from the inverter flows through the electric panel (circuit breaker box) into your home, powering things like home lighting and appliances.
  4. Any unused electricity gets sent back to the electric grid: Any excess electricity that is not used domestically, passes through the electric meter and gets sent back to the grid, usually for electricity credits via net metering.

Net Metering: If you live in one of the 41 states that have adopted Net Metering rules, you can sell any excess solar-generated electricity back to the local electric grid for credits.

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