Tesla Solar Roof Pricing Expectations Update May 15th, 2017

Tesla, one of the world’s truly innovative companies, is at the forefront of making clean energy the new conventional choice for living with its trifecta of products including electric plug-in car, Powerwall battery, and the newly released solar roofing tiles. We’ve introduced Tesla Solar Roof here. Now, we drill down on costs and potential savings.

Tesla smooth solar glass tile roof. Source: Tesla

The Price of an Average Roof

Tesla CEO and product architect Elon Musk claims that Tesla roof will be comparable in cost, over its lifetime, to other common roofing types. Is he just blowing promotional smoke, or is his boast the truth?

Are we talking about a typical asphalt roof, or a typical high-end clay tile or natural slate roof here? The truth is that Musk is comparing his product to high-end residential roofs, and as our earlier analysis has shown, a new Tesla Solar Roof will probably cost in the range of $70,000 to $100,000 installed on a typical house.

And what about the energy cost savings? Is that a game-changer when considering a Tesla roof? Let’s get some answers, starting with average roof costs. All costs are per square foot and cover most roofs. You can always find exceptions on the high end of cost.

Material                                                       Material Cost            Installation Cost

Asphalt shingles                                          $0.80-$1.50                $1.50-$4.00

Wood shingles/shakes                              $2.50-$6.00                 $3.50-$5.50

Metal roofing (seam or shingle)              $4.00-$8.00                 $4.00-$6.50

Tiles, clay or concrete                               $12.00-$24.00             $5.50-$9.50

Standard PV panels                                   $32-$45                        $8.00-$15.00

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